Aviation practical training

The Faculty of Engineering successfully carried out their Aviation practical training at Politeknik Banting Selangor on 10th & 11th April 2017. The Practical was conducted by Mr. Sathia Segaran and Mr.Vijakomara Krishnasamy, Lecturers from Department of Aviation, LUC, with the assistance of Lecturers from Politeknik Banting Selangor. To be noted that, this practical is done every semester at various Aviation Facilities in the Klang Valley(Selangor) with an objective to expose the students to real aircraft environment and prepare them with the skills and Maintenance Practices required for their future job employment.

Announcement of 1st Seminar of Future Researcher on LUC

In conjunction with the celebration of opening the new Lincoln University College (WISMA LUC) headquarter, we are pleased to invite you to participate at the 1st Seminar of the Future Researcher. 
The seminar will be delivered by a group of expert’s in the field of Scientific Research. The aim of the seminar is to refine and develop the scientific research skills of young researchers towards the creation of the future researcher.

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