Visitors from Indonesia

70 students from SEKOLAH TINGGI INDONESIA MAJU (STIKIM and STIKOM), Indonesia head by Ms. Evita ranchman, Director, visited Lincoln University College on 27th April 2017. As part of their educational trip they visited the skill labs, stimulation labs in Kelana Jaya learning site got to know about the academic facilities at LUC.

Special Lecture at Jakarta

Prof. Datuk Dr.Hajjah Bibi Florina Abdullah, Pro-Chancellor, LUC, has been invited as the guest speaker for the International Conference centrally themed as “Update on Management of Chronic Illness” at Gendung balai komando cijantung Jakarta timuron 27th April 2017. She delivered a thought provoking speech on “update nursing management of chronic renal failure patient on dialysis in the era of Asian economic community”. Around 1000 participants took part in this conference.