Holiday Adventure at Lincoln Medical Museum

The department of Biotechnology and Medicine Lincoln University College, hosted the “Medical Museum Visit “program for the School Children on 29th May 2017 at Kelana Jaya Learning Site. Around 40 students of SJKCC Puay Chai 2 from year 1 and Year 6 along with their parents and teachers visited Lincoln Medical Museum and Anatomy lab. Dr. Asita Elengoe, Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology, and Mr. Mohd Ameer Shah along with his team of Medical lab technologists arranged many interesting activities for the students. The students very curiously took part in these activities such as Eye testing, simple experimental demonstration to produce carbon dioxide, checking the heart beat with stethoscope, identifying the smell and so on. The objective of this event was to expose the school students to University life by creating awareness on importance of science. Hope fully this visit enhanced their interest in field of medical, life science and also motivated them to start digging for more knowledge. It is to be noted that the Museum visit event was covered by the Star TV.

10 Mins with iM4U fm street Team

Lincoln students took a break of 10minutes and had fun with iM4Ufm radio station cruise who hang out at WismaLincoln Campus this noon (25th May 2017). Students were excited toanswer their quiz and win exclusive goodies such as t-shirts, bags, hair wax,drinks, stickers, etc.

Joining hands to honor the teachers

Lincoln University College had the honor to join the Teacher’s Day Celebration organized by PPD Petaling Utama on 24th May 2017 at SJKC Sungei Way. Around 300 teachers who attended the celebration were presented with Lincoln goodies bags. Lincoln University College considers teaching an honorable and important profession and its goal is to see that every teacher is treated with the dignity, which is awarded to other professionals in society.

Lincoln at Air

Lincoln at Air

Inconjunction with the International Nurses Day BFM 89.9 interviewed AssociateProfessor Lee Siew Hoon, Dean of Nursing Faculty Datin Hafizah Che Hassan andgraduate student Sakthi Parimsimam of Lincoln University College. Thisinterview was transmitted on 23d May 2017 with the title ” Three Generation of Nurses”, in order to honor the nurses whoplay an essential but often invisible role in health care system.