Important keys to healthy eating

CHRONIC non-communicable diseases (NCDs) pose one of the greatest threats to public health and economic growth at national and global levels. In addition to healthcare costs, NCDs contribute substantially to costs associated with lost productivity. According to a report from our Health Ministry, 73% of deaths among Malaysians are caused by NCDs. Such diseases are also being detected among young people every year. Diseases categorised as NCDs are hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. NCDs are directly associated with people’s unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, being sedentary and bad eating habits . Choosing healthier foods is easier than many people think. By changing just a few eating habits, we can make a big difference to our diet. Return to slow food from fast food. Fast food means that the food has travelled several thousand kilometres to reach our plate. These foods are highly processed and contain large amounts of carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, unhealthy fats and sodium that can have serious adverse effects on our metabolism. On the other hand, slow food means food is fresh, locally produced and consumed, should be free of chemicals and also tastes better. These foods are more nutritious and beneficial to both producers and consumers.

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Biorisk Management Workshop Report

Lincoln University College, Faculty of Science academic staff members, Dr. Asita Elengoe, Dr. Farhat A. Avin, Dr. Farzana Yasmin, Ms Hema Shangkari A/P Poobalan , Mohamed Adam bin Shahul Hameed and Laboratory Technician Mohd Amer Shah attended ‘Biorisk Management Workshop’ which organized by Malaysian Biosafety & Biosecurity Association in collaboration with Universiti Malaya at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. It was held on 12 to 13th September 2017. During the workshop, Mr.Joel, Dr. Saleha, Mr. Jonathan and Miss Lela gave talk on Biological Risk Assessment, Administration Controls, Standard Operating Procedures, Personal Protective Equipment, Engineering Controls, Shipping and Transportation, Waste Management; and BRM: Roles and Responsibility.

Good planning could get you your dream job – Letters | The Star Online

Good planning could get you your dream job – Letters | The Star Online

Date : Monday, 11 Sep 2017
Body : EVERY university student’s dream is to be employed immediately after graduation. But what is the reality? According to an Education Ministry report, 24% of university graduates remain unemployed even one year after graduation. To make their dream a reality, students should start their preparation for employability right from their first year in university. Work part-time in your chosen field during semester breaks or weekends to gain experience that will help you to apply the theory and skills you learn in the university at your workplace and make you understand the realities of working life. Exposure to the industry will also boost your confidence level and help you to develop a positive outlook on life at work.

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