Developmental Issues of Tribes

The book ‘Developmental Issues of Tribes’ edited by Dr Debesh Bhowmik released by Datuk Dr Hjh Bibi Florina, Pro Chancellor; Prof Dr Amiya Bhaumik, Vice Chancellor; Datin Dr Hafizah, Dean Faculty of Nursing with Dr. Sandeep Poddar, Senior Research Director, Lincoln University College, Malaysia on 30th May 2018. Dr Sandeep Poddar contributed one chapter in the book.

English Club, Lincoln University College organized the ‘Welcoming Newbies’

Welcoming Newbies’

English Club, Lincoln University College organized the ‘Welcoming Newbies’ event on 25th May 2018, at Wisma Lincoln. Advisors and senior students of English Club welcomed the new students who joined Lincoln University College on May 2018. The event aimed at making new students feel at-home and relaxed with the new learning environment. Students were individually introduced to the board members of the club and were presented with gifts. Seniors also encouraged newbies to participate in various activities organized by the club. All the new students participated in the Welcoming Newbies program and enjoyed themselves, and the goal of the event was met successfully.