Lecture Session: Sociology for Health Professionals

A lecture session on Sociology for Health Professionals is going to be held on 27th August 2018 at Medical Lecture Hall, Kelana Jaya Learning site. Eminent Professor Dr. Rajendra Singh, who is presently the Head, Dept. of Community Medicine & Psychology, Govt. SDJ Homoeopathic Medical College is the main speaker of the lecture session. Dr. Rajendra Singh is the receipt of various prizes and awards at national and international level and have authored various articles and books on issues related to social importance.

Special Talk Session

A special talk session will be taking place on 23 rd. August 2018 at Wisma Lincoln. The speakers of the event are Dr. VSK Reddy, Dr. S Srinivasa Rao and Dr. PHV Sesha Talpa Sai. The topics of discussion are about broad areas involving Communication, Data analysis, Information Technology, Solar / renewable energy resources and its implementation of Health / Lifestyle.